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Ιστορία slide image 2 The ancient path leading to the Temple of Delphi passes through the Amfissa Olive Grove.
Below the village Chrisso (ancient Krisa), among the many olive trees of Krisaio Pedio (Field),
which stretches up to the town of Itea, lied in ancient times the Delphi Horse Racing Forum,
where the Pythian Games took place, a tournament attracting athletes from everywhere
in Greece.

As archaeologists now believe, the Horse Racing Forum lied approximately 1km to the
Northwest of the town of Itea, inside the olive grove area, between the three hills
(Kefali, Agioi Anargyroi and Gla), where spectators would sit and watch the games.

The winner of the Pythian Horse Racing in 478 or 474 BC was a young charioteer, selected
to drive the chariot of a nobleman who participated in the race. The young charioteer was
immortalised owing to Heniokhos, the magnificent bronze life-size statue of a charioteer,
which is part of the Delphi Archaeological Museum collection.